Protecting Your Hillside 

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Ensuring Responsible Development

For decades, the volunteers of the Laurel Canyon Association (LCA) have been fighting and winning for the preservation and protection of this historic community for both neighbors and residents of Los Angeles at large. Laurel Canyon is an integral part of an interconnected greenbelt that hosts wildlife, recreation and scenic beauty.  The following is a brief list of the recent LCA initiatives:

  • Completion of $1.6 million, 17-acre open space acquisition project known as Let’s Buy a Mountain

  • Creation of $1.5 million community benefit fund

  • Advocacy Toward New Hillside Construction Regulation Overlay Zone for Laurel Canyon.

  • Creation of Hillside Retaining Wall Ordinance in conjunction with other hillside partners.

  • Initiator of proposed Wildlife Coordinator Ordinance with our partner, Citizens for Los Angeles Wildlife (CLAW).

  • LCA works closely with the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy toward the preservation of our open space.

  • Drafter of of B Permit Notification Ordinance (aka: "paper street" notification ordinance).

  • LCA was an advocate for adoption of the Baseline Hillside Ordinance (aka: the "McMansion" rules).

Public Safety


LCA advocates for public safety issues in the canyon, including crime, traffic, hauling, fire safety, and mail theft to name a few.

LCA works with LA City emergency preparedness departments, focused particularly on wildfire prevention and awareness.

LCA works with other neighborhood groups to maximize community communication and involvement.

When residents report crime or suspicious activity, LCA promptly shares this information with the community.

LCA supports the recently formed LAFD and LAHSA task force to address homeless encampments in the hillsides areas that are potential causes of fire and other public safety hazards.

LCA hosts meetings and invites police, fire and government officials to speak and advise residents on current matters in our canyon.

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Wildlife & Open Space

LCA board members were instrumental in the founding of Citizens for Los Angeles Wildlife (CLAW), which advocates for all wildlife and works to protect wildlife habitats in Los Angeles and beyond.

LCA works with our sister organization - The Laurel Canyon Land Trust - to acquire vacant land within the canyon for preservation. The Laurel Canyon Land Trust is a public benefit 501(c)(3) corporation. Donations are fully tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Wonderland Avenue School Support

LCA works closely with Wonderland School administration, PTA, and Friends of Wonderland (FOW) to support this wonderful asset in our community. LCA was instrumental in the initial push to fund traffic officers and continues to advocate for school safety in our community.

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Traffic & Transportation

LCA advocates for sidewalk repair and greater pedestrian access throughout the canyon, as well as increasing public transportation options in our community.

LCA is currently working with City officials to install a bus stop at Kirkwood and Laurel Canyon Blvd, and working to update stop signs because of the increase in cross-canyon traffic brought on by Waze and similar apps.

LCA fights to keep critical streets open to public use.

Uniting Hillside Communities

LCA is committed to bringing together community leaders, hillside groups, and conservation organizations for the mutual benefit and welfare of our canyon. Only through cooperation, coordination and good communication can we pursue common goals, quality of life, and wildlife protection.