11-27-18 - Preparing for Wet Weather Preview

Heavy Rain Expected Wednesday night and Thursday

Laurel Canyon Association wanted to remind canyon dwellers to be prepared.  Here are a few tips of actions you can take BEFORE THE STORM:

  • If necessary, obtain sand bags. Contact the Los Angeles Fire Department to find the location nearest you. (Fire Station 97 or Fire Station 41)

  • Check your property, clearing all private drains and rain gutters and disposing of all trash and yard clippings/trimmings in your City-issued containers.

  • Secure trash containers, household waste, chemical spills and outdoor storage before they are swept away, spread contamination or block storm drains.

  • Prepare your household to remain safe (battery powered lamps, no candles) and functional (fully charged cellphone, manual garage door operation) in the event of a storm-related power outage.

  • Report clogged catch basins in your neighborhood by calling the Los Angeles Stormwater Hotline at (800) 974-9794.

  • Move valuable or easily damaged items away from low-lying areas prone to flooding.

For more tips for BEFORE and DURING the storm, please visit the following links:

Los Angeles Fire Department

LA Stormwater

Stay safe and dry, Canyon Dwellers!

Laurel Canyon Association