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2243 Laurel Canyon Blvd is now permanent open space

The LCA and the Laurel Canyon Land Trust are proud to announce the purchase of 2243 Laurel Canyon Boulevard. After two years of advocacy, appeals, ligation, and (sometimes very heated) settlement meetings, this land will now be preserved in perpetuity as open space!

The parcel was purchased from the developer of the new house under construction at 2239 Laurel Canyon Boulevard. Replacement California Black Walnut Trees (a threatened native species) will be planted on the newly purchased parcel in order to mitigate the impacts of the development.

This marks the seventh open space acquisition to date by the Laurel Canyon Land Trust, a sister organization of the LCA and a 501c3. 

 Members of the LCA Board and Advisory Committee celebrating a win for the community.

Members of the LCA Board and Advisory Committee celebrating a win for the community.


Thank You, Laurel Canyon Neighbors!

In August, LCA raised over $14,000 in less than 24 hours for the Laurel Canyon Land Trust.  We are now able to complete the acquisition of our target property in the Kirkwood Bowl by our August 24th deadline.

And it gets better!  We were also able to acquire two additional vacant parcels in Laurel Canyon in partnership with the Mountains Recreation and Recreation Authority.  We got a total of 8,897 square feet for just $5,352.  That is $1.66 per square foot.  What a deal!  To date, we have worked to acquire 5 parcels in Laurel Canyon - that's over 17 acres of Canyon land that will remain open and wild forever. 

Thank you so much for your generosity. We are making a real difference. We are not done - stay tuned!


Yucca Trail Pipeline Replacement Project

Notice to Kirkwood Bowl Residents:  Starting in October, 3000 ft of pipeline will be replaced in an effort to improve the water system infrastructure. 

Project Manager: Matthew Gonzalez (213) 367-1222

Yucca Trail Project.png