Community Tips

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Holiday Trash Collection Schedule

Raise your hand if you hate Thursday trash collection days in Laurel Canyon? How about on holiday weeks when the trash service is postponed to Friday? It can be a serious drag to navigate around those trash cans in the streets when they don’t need to be. Here’s a helpful schedule with Laurel Canyon’s trash collection holidays so that you don’t put your cans out too early.


New LADWP Power Outage Notification System

Learn more about the a new notification service to keep Department of Water and Power (LADWP) customers informed if power outages occur in their neighborhoods. Customers can sign up through their LADWP account on by clicking on the “Outage Alerts” tab and following the prompts. For a short video explaining how to enroll, click here.

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Ordinances regarding Brush Clearance

As the risk of fire is a concern in Los Angeles, so our level of caution rises: all it takes is one spark to start a potentially devastating fire. Please follow these important tips for how and when to conduct your brush clearance.

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What are these Red Flag Day signs?

We see them all over the canyon. For new residents, they can be confusing and many of us never know when red flag days are in effect. Here are some helpful tips to navigate the madness.