LCA Board Members


The LCA board consists of 11 elected board members assigned to various committee duties. Board members represent a cross-section of the neighbors who have volunteered their time to serve their community. Board Members charge nothing for their time and work. We depend on your contributions to pay for association fees, supplies and special projects.

If you are interested in learning more about the board or our committees, please email us at


President - Jamie Hall

Vice President - Cassandra Barrères

Treasurer - John Harris

Secretary - Michael Fassett

Board of Directors

Jamie T. Hall - Term: 2018-2020

Cassandra Barrère - Term: 2018-2020

John Harris - Term: 2018-2020

Cathy Wayne - Term: 2018-2020

Valerie O'Brien - Term: 22018-2020

Stephanie Savage - Term: 22018-2020

Nick Koumaris - Term 2018-2020

Anne Alexander - Term: 2018-2020   

Heather Roy - Term: 2017-2019

Michael Fassett - Term: 2017-2019

Kris LeFan - Term: 2017-2019

Advisory Board Members

Cat Deakins

Alison Simard

Rick Seireeni

Lizzie Ziegler

Tony Tucci

Rob Marohn

Joyce Deep