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Wildlife & Beautification

Guardians of the Greenbelt

We are not alone up here.  We share this spectacular environment with fellow animals that were here long before we or our human ancestors arrived.  Coyotes, mountain lions, raccoons, squirrels, hawks, snakes . . . they are all part of the eco-system we are obligated to protect.

The best way to do this is to protect open space with natural vegetation.  Working with partners, like Tree People, Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy and Citizens for Los Angeles Wildlife, canyon residents can make steady progress in acquiring and setting aside wildlife habitat and wildlife corridors.

Do you really need to fence off your entire property?  Maybe think about fencing only the part you need to protect children and pets, leaving the rest for our furry neighbors.

Your Laurel Canyon Association supports canyon beautification is a number of ways:

Student Beautification Team

Beginning this summer, students will organize to earn credit for mandatory community service.  This year’s effort will be lead by Tiber Seireeni, an in-coming tenth grader.  Students working with parent supervisors will do spot clean up throughout July and August.  Additional information soon.


No Litter Zone

LCA contributes to and supports the No Litter Zone established by Jackie Hunsicker with tireless work maintained by Raul.  If you see Raul working along Mulholland, pull over and give him a tip.  He deserves it.


Wonderland Beautification Day

Every year Wonderland Elementary School stages a campus clean.  LCA supports this important work by channeling volunteers and making donations for supplies.


Big Sunday

The annual Big Sunday community service day has plenty of canyon volunteers, which LCA is happy to support.


LCB Clean Up

LCA has worked with local volunteers and the City to make big trash clean ups along Laurel Canyon Boulevard. The City supplies the truck and the vests, and we supply the people power.   If you are interested in participating or in helping organize a cleanup day, please contact the LCA board.

Native Vegetation Initiative

Your Laurel Canyon Association strongly encourages residents to improve their property with native vegetation and replace less drought-tolerant landscaping.